Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lots of Changes

There are a lot of things happening these days.

  • Kellyn... ENGAGED last Saturday.

Kellyn and Coby

The Ring

  • Kyle... going to the Peace Corps. He will be going to Honduras in February for two years.

  • I...
    ...just got back from NYC today. I was there for the last 2 and a half weeks for a project there. I used the weekends to find an apartment and have a lease agreement for an apartment on the Upper East Side. My official transfer date is November 1 but since I went for the last couple of weeks I will head out in mid-November.

The hallway and entrance to the apartment.

Kitchen and living area.

Living area and bedroom - this is my ONLY closet.

The best part - I actually have a washer/dryer IN the apartment.

  • Mom and Dad are just hanging out. Mom graduates from ASU in May.

Fall in Central Park was beautiful. Living in AZ I have never really seen the leaves change.

Central Park

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Kristin said...

Shanna wrote: Nov 10, 2008 Reply
I love looks pretty good. Can't wait to visit. congrats for your sister.