Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moving Away/Birthday Party

I left for NYC "officially" on November 15th. It was official in that I was going to be living in my apartment, and I was on payroll in the NY office for purposes of work. However, given the time of year, I will be back and forth for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just bought my one-way ticket to NY today for December 30th. Mom and Dad gave me a going away party the night before I left, and since it happened to be my 29th birthday as well, we celebrated both events. I think I got a picture with everyone who came to the party, with the exception of my Uncle Randy. Thanks everyone who came - it was good to see everyone, however, I wished I could have spent more time talking to each person.

Kyle and Brooke

Mom and Dad

Kellyn and Coby

Grandma Lois

Grandma Hazel

Colleen, Brittany, Alex, Brett and Leila - Aunt and Cousins
David, Beth and Leslie - Cousins
Lauren - Cousin
Kevin, Jocelyn, Tyler, Bryan and Shane - Aunt, Uncle and Cousins

Todd, Jennifer and Colby - Aunt, Uncle and Cousin
Uncle Wayne
Jodi and Jolene - friends from homeschooling
Nikki and her boyfriend, Steve - I know Nikki from homeschooling
Caitlin and Jill - more friends from homeschooling

Jan - she homeschooled her kids who are my age
Dave, Rita and Rock - I know them from homeschooling, and I also worked at their business, Hitting for Excellence, when I was in college

Josh, Mikele, Kate and Miles - I know the Wallace's from The Outpost. I lived with Mikele for a short time during college and I was in their wedding.

Jason and Lauren - I met Lauren at ASU. Lauren lived in NYC for 5 years right after college.

Scott and Julie - friends from work. Soon to be New Yorkers - 18 months is soon, right?

Rob - also a friend from work.

Anna and Tracy - friends from KPMG

Rob and Kathryn - Rob is the senior pastor at Scottsdale Baptist
Dave and Sande - Sande was my AKX Awana leader in high school
Kyle's friend - Efrain

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