Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bring on the Warm Weather

Yesterday was a gorgeous day - it was mostly sunny and the high was 75 degrees.  That's right - 75 - 5 more degrees and we would have hit 80!  I took advantage of it by going to Central Park (you probably could've guessed that one).  I wasn't the only one here in NYC who was ready to spend some time outside - this is what the park looked like:

Otis and Sam enjoyed the warm weather as well.  I opened my windows and they sat in the sun.

And this is how I left them when I went to church tonight :)


mini and brother said...

I love sunshine!!I think it's going to over 100 in Phoenix this week.

Janis said...

Otis and Sam look thinner in the pictures of them in the window. What happened to all the blossoms on the trees? Love you

Mikele said...

It looks beautiful.