Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He Is Risen...He is Risen INDEED!

I didn't make it home for Easter since I am going to be home in exactly a month (Yeah!!!), but I did have a good day in NYC with some new friends from church.  It was a sunny day (cold and windy too) so I walked to Central Park in the morning and sat in the grass for a while.  I had a sweatshirt on, along with my winter coat, and I was warm as long as the wind was not blowing.  I took my Bible and read through the end of Matthew and relaxed a little.

Sunday afternoon I met up for brunch with some people from church.  We went to someone's apartment and had waffles, dyed eggs, and had microwave Peep wars (something I had never done before).  There were about 12 people there, so it was a little cramped trying to fit that many people into an apartment!  It was fun, and I am thankful for this group of people - they seem to do a lot together so I am excited to do more with them.  We all then walked to church for the 5pm service.  After church, I got on skype so I could be a part of my family's Easter Sunday in AZ.

Below are some pictures that I took while I was walking through the park - all the trees are gorgeous right now and soon there will be tulips everywhere!


The Rangels said...

My gosh that is so pretty. We don't get that here.

mini and brother said...

Those trees don't even look real. Beautiful!

Janis said...

So pretty!!!! What kind of trees are those? It doesn't look cold but then I can't tell if the wind is blowing. Love you