Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Step In Time

On Friday (July 3rd) we spent the day walking around NYC. We started the day off by going to South Street Seaport to the TKTS booth to get tickets to a Broadway show on Friday night. We were hoping for Mamma Mia!, but no such luck. Our top 2 choices of the shows on the list were Mary Poppins and South Pacific. We decided to get tickets to the show with the best seats available.

We then walked to the pier and sat out there for a while.

We then had lunch on the patio at Heartland Brewery at South Street Seaport. Next we hopped on the subway to go to the High Line. This used to be a train storage area (I don't know if it was for refurbishing of train cars, storing of train cars, etc.). Anyway, it is no longer used for that purpose, so the city has made it into a park. They have done some landscaping and put in chairs. This is something that recently opened, so we decided to take a look.
Dad took a nap on the High Line.

After the High Line, we walked back to the subway to go to Whole Foods in order to get food for our fireworks picnic the next day. We found a Pinkberry on the way to the train so we made a short pit stop for some yogurt.
And then we saw Mary Poppins on Friday night. My favorite act was Step in Time.
It was another great day with A LOT of walking! But I love walking around this City :)


Janis said...

That was the day we did the most walking--fun times. I can see how you were always excited to visit Lauren when she lived in NYC, so much different than living there. Love you, Miss you

Brookiedee said...

I know all about the walking! I could also go for some Pinkberry right about now.