Friday, July 10, 2009

Tracing our Heritage

Mom and Dad were here for a week (from July 1 - July 8) for the 4th of July. I had July 3rd as a holiday at work, and I also had firmwide mandatory personal time off (PTO) days on July 2nd and 6th. On my first day off, my dad rented a car and we drove to Southold, NY, which is on the North Fork of Long Island (about 2 hours east of NYC). This is where the Horton Point Lighthouse is located. We visited the Southold Historical Society and they opened up the museum at the lighthouse for us (it is normally open only on weekends and we were there on a Thursday). The lighthouse was built in the mid 1850s on the property originally owned by Barnabas Horton (my 9th great-grandfather). Barnabas came to America from England in the 1630s and was one of the original 13 settlers of Southold, arriving there sometime near 1640. Barnabas died in 1680 at age 80. (**My dad has done all of the above research.)

This is the Southold Historical Society. Southold is a small town with a population of about 21,000, and I heard that number increases by about 40% in the summer.

This home was built in 1640 and is the oldest home in New York that is still standing. Located 5 minutes from Southold in Cutchogue, this was the home of Jane Budd, my 8th great-grandmother, who married Barnabas Horton's son, Joseph.
These are some hydrangea's at the little restaurant where we ate lunch. This town was so pretty and it was a beautiful day.
Erik's for lunch. This is a tiny little restaurant and everything is fresh - while it was not actually on a farm, it reminded me of the Farm at South Mountain.
We all had tuna salad sandwiches on raisin-walnut bread.
On our way to the lighthouse.

This is the lighthouse - it is still active today.

We walked down to the water right by the lighthouse. This is Long Island Sound, and Connecticut is a couple of miles across the Sound.

Dad reading Barnabas Horton's grave. The inscription surrounds the border of the stone, and reads as follows: "Here lieth buried the body of MR. BARNABAS HORTON, who was born at Mousely, Leicestershire, Old England, and died at Southold, on the 13th day of July, 1680, aged 80 years."

In the center of the stone is the Epitaph, as follows: "Here lies my body tombed in dust, Till Christ shall come and raise it with the just; My soul ascended to the throne of God, Where with sweet Jesus now I make abode: Then hasten after me, my dearest wife, To be partaker of this blessed life; And you, dear children, all follow the Lord, Hear and obey His public sacred word; And in your houses call upon His name, For oft I have advised you to the same: Then God will bless you with your children all, And to this blessed place He will you call." Hebrews 11:4 - "He being dead, yet speaketh."

This is Hortons Lane, which goes through Barnabas Horton's property. While the original house no longer stands, the above sign was located on the Horton property.
It was a fun day to get out of the City and see something different. We stopped to pick raspberries on the way home so that will be my next post.


Mary Howard said...

I loved the epitaph - to think that following Jesus has continued in your family - that is an amazing heritage. God is so good!

Janis said...

It was an informative day and good to see something else in New York that we have not seen. Driving in the city is an experience that I am sure dad would like to do again. Love you and miss being with you.

Jason Jobst said...

Greetings Kristin.

I stumbled upon your blog of Barnabas Horton. From what I gather we are distant cousins. :)

I think Barnabas is my 11th great grandfather. See below:

Generation One - Barnabas (1600-1680)
Generation Two - Caleb (1640-1702)
Generation Three - Barnabas (1666-1696)
Generation Four - Caleb (1687-1772)
Generation Five- Richard (1726-1773)
Generation six- John (1758- 1849)
Generation seven- Jesse (1786-1825)
Generation eight- Davis Sr (1822-1871)
Generation nine- Davis Jr (1853- ?)
Generation ten- Jerome Sr(1872-1935)
Generation eleven- Jerome Jr (1903- 1955)
Generation twelve- June Evelyn Horton (1927-2013) (my grandmother)
Generation thirteen- Marlene (1950- living) (my mother)
Generation fourteen- Jason (me) and Todd

My Horton branch stayed mostly in Burlington, New Jersey.

Anyways just wanted to introduce myself since I stumbled upon your blog. Hopefully I can make it up there with my family one day to see the site as well. :)