Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raspberry Pickin'

On our way to Southold, we saw numerous fields where you could pick your own strawberries. On the way back we stopped at one of the places to pick our own strawberries. I asked the girl if it was easy to pick strawberries, and she said that they were going to be a little difficult because they were at the end of the season. I learned that the season for strawberries was June, and July is raspberry season (blueberry season is August in case you are interested). She said that the raspberries would be easy to pick. We picked a basket of berries, but I think we probably ate just as many as we picked. They tasted so good right off the vine (if that is what you call it).

On our way home we made a stop at the Costco in Queens (since we had a car). When I lived in Arizona, I always bought cat litter at Costco. It is $13 for 40lbs of it. When I moved here, I have continued to get the cat litter at Costco. I could get it at the Petco a couple of blocks from my apartment, but it is about $20 for only 28lbs. The first time I bought a pail was when I bought my TV and we came home in the gypsy cab. I made another trip in February with my little cart, but it was quite difficult hauling that 40lbs up and down stairs and through the subway. When my dad was here in May, I made him go to Costco with me to get another pail. He hated it and could not believe I would even think to try to haul it home by myself. Since we had the car for the Southold trip, it was a perfect opportunity to stock up, so I now have 4 pails of cat litter sitting in my apartment. It should last me (I meant the cats) for a while. Only in NYC do you think about things that you have to get done while you have a car :)


Janis said...

Has Sam explored the top of the pails yet? She likes to be up high and they are high.

Janis said...

The raspberries were very good. Good idea to stop and pick some.