Sunday, September 14, 2008

La Jolla Rough Water Swim

I went to San Diego the weekend of September 5-7 because Scott and I had signed up to do the La Jolla Rough Water Swim. We left for San Diego On Friday morning. The package at the hotel was a "No Gas Getaway" so the hotel car picked us up from the airport.

This was the view from my hotel room.
After checking into the hotel, we walked around La Jolla to find somewhere for lunch and then we headed to the beach.
Scott and Julie
Julie and I
In La Jolla Cove
After the beach we walked back to the hotel. Scott and Julie took a nap and I layed out by the pool for a while. That night we went to dinner at Sante (an Italian restaurant recommended by one of the partners at work). They had spelt noodles so I liked it :)
On our way back from dinner, we walked by this yogurt place called Apple Green. It looked just like a Pinkberry but not as good :(
On Saturday morning we went and checked in for the race. After you checked in, they put a colored wristband on your wrist with your event as well as your "wave" for Sunday. It was fun walking around La Jolla after that and seeing everyone who was swimming. We then headed ot the beach - Scott and I did a practice swim (along with hundreds of other people who were also swimming on Sunday).

We probably swam about 900 yards on Saturday
After we swam, we stayed at La Jolla Cove for a while and then went to Shell Beach. Julie was burned by the end of the day.

Our hotel - The Grande Colonial
Sunday morning was RACE time! I swam at 11am and Scott swam at noon. We arrived at the Cove about an hour early so we could get a good spot for Julie as well as get our numbers written on us. They put our numbers on our arm, back and leg.
I was in the first wave, which consisted of 19-39 year olds. We all stood on the beach and then they shot a gun and that is when everyone ran to the water and started swimming. The race course was a one-mile triangle - you swam out 800 yards, made a left turn and swam 460 yards and made another left turn and swam the final 500 yards to the shore. I thought the first 400 yards was the hardest part of the entire race - it was very difficult to swim with a big group of people and I was just trying not to get kicked in the face. After the first left turn, you were swimming into the current and by the final turn you knew you were on the home stretch. My final time was 26:52, which placed me 85th overall (out of 370) and 17th in my age group (out of 43). We had a blast and are planning to do it again next year!

Waiting to start
This was difficult swimming all together like this
Finished - now the pressure is on Scott
Scott (blue cap) running to the finish line
We both made it - with our medals
Everyone who finished got a Survivor medal
Who's in for next year???

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