Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving to New York City!

Today I received confirmation that my transfer request was accepted and I am going to be starting in our NYC office late October/early November. The process started almost 3 weeks ago when I was called into the office to have a meeting with one of the partners to discuss my career options. Basically, we have too many managers in the Phoenix office and they needed to reduce the manager headcount by about 2-3 individuals. So, I was one of the managers that was asked to transfer to another office or leave the company and find a job in industry. The offices that I was given the option to transfer to were San Diego, Silicon Valley or San Francisco. I have been talking of living in NYC since 2003ish, so I asked about that office as well. Well, long story short, after lots of phone calls between Phoenix partners and NYC partners, I got a call today that they would like me to come to NYC.
This is definitely not the timing that I had planned, but I keep telling myself that God's timing does not always jive with my timing. If you would have asked me a month ago where I would be living at the end of 2008, I would have NEVER said NYC. However, I do have a peace about the whole thing. There are some questions I have asked that have not been answered so I know that this is all God. For some reason, He is closing a door in Phoenix and opening a door in NYC.
I definitely have mixed emotions about going. I am looking forward to living in a big city, walking everywhere, going to Broadway shows, hanging out with Jenn, having people visit, H&H bagels, Ferarra's and the whole NYC experience. However, I will miss Arizona and my family, friends and familiarity that I have here. It will be an adventure.

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