Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jenn's 30th in NYC!!!

After Orlando, rather than flying to PHX, I flew to JFK. (Interesting side note, I made it through security at the Orlando airport with a full bottle of water. I had put a water bottle in my backpack mid-week during training, completely forgot about it, and found it again when I was sitting at the gate). Jenn turned 30 on August 17th, so she had a big party to celebrate. Jaime, Kelly, Jodi, Jolene, Kealey and myself all flew in for the weekend. I was supposed to land at JFK at 4:45pm on Friday, however, it was one delay after another. It was my first experience on JetBlue, and although none of the problems were really their fault, it turned me off from JetBlue - give me US Air anyday (even with all the extra fees now!) My plane was scheduled to leave MCO at 2:15. When I checked in, I saw it was delayed until 3. We boarded the plane like we were leaving at 3, but at 3:15 we had not even pulled away from the gate. The pilot then made an announcement that there was weather in NY and that we currently had a wheels up time of 5:10pm. We pulled away from the gate and waited for 2 hours. We did take off at 5:10, but had to circle for about a half hour because there was still weather at JFK when we got close and finally landed at 7:15. I go wait for my luggage and I am waiting, waiting and waiting. Another announcement - due to weather, the luggage ramps are closed. At 9pm, I finally get my luggage and head to Air Train. At this point, Jenn and the rest of the girls had already gone to dinner and she had left keys to her apartment at her gym. Well, I know the gym closes at 10pm, so I have one hour to get to Air Train, take the subway to the West Village, and walk to the gym to get the keys. I did make it (barely) and ended up just waiting at the apartment for all of the rest of them to get back. Saturday we all slept in and then went and got Murray's bagels for breakfast. We then just lounged around before going to the Tribecca Grand at 3pm to check into the hotel (as part of Jenn's BD gift, Jaime had reserved a hotel room for the night). We walked across the street for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon slowly getting ready. We had 9pm dinner reservations at Megu in Tribecca.
Pre-party pictures at the hotel
The girls - Jodi, Jenn, Jolene, Me, Jaime, Kelly and Kealey
Had to get the shoes - Jenn was wearing her new Manolo Blahniks
Jodi and I in front of Megu
The Birthday Girl
One of the courses - asparagus sticks - yum :)
Lauren happened to be out in the City for work so she came out for a while
We stayed at Megu until about 2:30am, walked back to the hotel and sat in the lobby and hung out until 4am, at which point Kelly and I hopped in a cab and headed to the airport. Happy Birthday JENN!!!

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