Saturday, January 23, 2010

...and Dinner

After everyone was "rehearsed" and ready for the wedding the next morning, we headed to Rustler's Rooste at The Pointe at South Mountain.

There was a live band and they played some slower songs as well as some fun line dancing songs. I talked Colby into dancing with me for a bit, but he saw that there was a huge slide right by the dance floor and ditched me for that. Oh well...
The soon-to-be-married couple
Kyle and Brooke
Since Kellyn and Coby were not doing cake at the wedding (pizookies instead), Coby's dad brought everyone these little "cookie-cakes."
And we had cotton candy as well. I think it had been years since I had cotton candy.

Another wedding party picture. I think it is funny how the girls are scrunched together and the guys look like they don't want to touch each other.

Sam and Patti, Coby's parents, and Mom and Dad

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Janis said...

You do so well with all your pictures--It was a fun night!!!