Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal...

Kellyn and Coby got married at Scottsdale Baptist, the church where we all grew up at and the church my parents still attend. The rehearsal was on Friday night, November 6.

Mom and I waiting for the rehearsal to get started
More spectators, Kyle and Grandma Hazel
There was a lot of figuring out where people were going to stand and the flow of the ceremony, etc. Kellyn telling everyone how she wants it done.
Now I am trying to direct people. The wedding coordinator for the church told my dad that she thought that his older daughter was bossy and didn't let Kellyn speak up and say what she wanted. I asked Kellyn if she was mad at me for trying to direct things and she said no, she was glad that I spoke up.
Coby and his groomsmen
Kellyn and her bridesmaids
Kellyn with the flower girl and ring bearer
Practice, practice, practice
Running through things a second time
I think we got it!
After the rehearsal at the church we went to Rustler's Rooste for dinner. That will be in the next post.

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Janis said...

Great night---I wish I could have everyone home again.