Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bachelorette Fun!

On Thursday night, November 5th, we had Kellyn's bachelorette party. This was one of my more difficult bachelorette parties to plan because Kellyn is not a fan of going dancing. So...I had to figure out something fun to do that did not involve going out dancing.

Heather and Caitlin were the other two bridesmaids in the wedding and they met at my parents house and we all left together.

Let's get this party started!

I made Kellyn a veil to wear for the night - from past experience, you get a lot more attention if you have a veil on your head (and it was true for this night too).

We started the night off at Marcella's Italian Kitchen at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The group below is as follows: Caitlin (friend from homeschooling and bridesmaid), Jessica (friend from homeschooling), Me, Heather (friend from homeschooling and bridesmaid), Kellyn, Lisa (friend from ASU), Tara (friend from ASU) and Brooke (friend from church and Kyle's girlfriend).

We were all sitting here talking and Jessica made the comment "We are all our mothers!" So thankful we are all still friends after all these years!
Some fun straws - thanks Heather!
After dinner, I told Kellyn that we were going to be playing a little game. Prior to the shower, I had everyone come up with a clue that would take Kellyn to a place where they have a special memory together. My plan for the night was to take Kellyn on a scavenger hunt to all these places, and then each person would give Kellyn their gift when we were at their respective location. I had emailed everyone the order of the scavenger hunt and we discreetly exchanged clues so that the next clue would be with the previous gift (i.e. my stop was after Heather's, so I gave Heather my clue to put with her gift so after Kellyn opened Heather's gift she could read my clue and we would be off to the next location).

Caitlin was the first stop on the "course" so after dinner we went outside the restaurant and Kellyn read Caitlin's clue. Kellyn immediately guessed where we needed to go, and just as I was saying "Let's go" the limo pulled up so we all jumped in. All the girls knew that we were doing a limo for the night, but we had kept it a secret from Kellyn - she was surprised!

Caitlin's stop was the shopping center at 48th Street and Indian School - the two of them had taken ballet classes at a studio in the shopping center.
Our limo was a Chrysler M300.
Brooke and I
Jessica, Heather, Kellyn and Michelle
Our second stop was LA Fitness. Kellyn and Savanna used to work out a lot together when Savanna was preparing for the Miss Arizona pageant (which she won and is currently Miss Arizona 2009 - congrats!). We all had our LA Fitness passes so we went into the gym and took some pictures - I think the people there working out thought we were crazy!

Heather was stop #3 and she took us to Pera Club. We all used to swim there on a recreational swim team during the summers - such good memories and fun times!
I was next up and my clue brought us to our house at 2325 N. 66th Street. My parents bought this house in 1976 (I think) and we lived here through 1995. We loved this little house!
You can't really see the house in the background - we were just trying to get a picture of the limo in front of our old house.
Hanging out in the limo!
This is the Rose Lane Boys and Girls Club. Kellyn and Michelle played basketball together here for quite a few years.
Cool shoes everyone!
Jessica's clue led us to Scottsdale Baptist where we had Kids for America every other Tuesday when we were all homeschooled together.
Taking a picture at church :)
The next stop was Chili's on Mill. These four were in the College of Education together and they would often go to Chili's between classes.
At our last stop which was...
...The Gelato Spot! Kellyn and Brooke used to hang out here.
Kellyn had a good night and I think everyone else did too. If I had a private blog maybe I would post the rest of the pictures, but at this point in time they are not going up :)


Kellyn said...

Thanks for a great night!! I can't believe it's all over.

Janis said...

You left out Kathryn's picture!!!