Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

I turned 30 on November 14, 2009. After Kellyn set a date for her wedding, I started making plans to be in AZ for another week so I made sure that I was there for my birthday. If it was any other birthday I wouldn't have really cared, but for 30 I felt like I needed to do something, otherwise I think I would have regretted it. Lauren and Jason bought a new house about a year ago and Lauren offered to have the party at their place. Since I love 80s music, I made it an 80s dress up party.
Thanks Lauren for hosting - your house is a great "party house"!
The newlyweds - you guys looked great!
Montana and Aubrey. Love the short shorts :)
Jenn and I have known each other since 3rd grade when we dressed like this "in real life." Well, not exactly like this - if either of us really did dress like this in our growing up days we probably would not have been allowed to leave the house.
Kyle and Brooke. Kyle had this costume from a couple of years ago - he looked great!

Kathryn even came! Next time you are dressing up though Kathryn...
Such great friends - I love you all!

One of Kellyn's wedding gifts was a big cupcake mold so she made dessert.
Tug and Rooke
Jason was one of the non-dress up people.
Everyone who dressed up.
Doing a little 80s karaoke.

With our new brother-in-law (and husband).
Thanks everyone for coming out - I had a great night. This party was on the 13th, and on my actual birthday I just had a relaxing day at home and then I went to dinner with mom and dad.

It is odd saying I am "30" and my life looks so different than where I would have pictured myself at thirty but I don't have any complaints - God is good. I am also happy to say that I had this conversation last Sunday night at church when I was walking in:
Pastor Jon Tyson: I have a question for you, how old do you think I look?
Me: I know how old you are because you have told us during your sermons. Why do you want to know?
Jon: I have a bet going on with my wife. Do you think I look my age?
Me: You're 32, right? I don't think you look it at all, although I am 30 so it is hard for me to say.
Jon: Actually, I am 33. I would have never guessed you were 30 though.
After the service when I was walking out the door...
Jon: I would have guessed you were 23.

I LOVE that I don't look 30 :)


Janis said...

Again, I love the pictures. The
80's don't seem that long ago. I am glad you were home for your birthday.

Jennifer Paige Designs said...

That was a GREAT party! We LOVE you Kristin. I am soo glad I got to be a part of you entering your next decade :-) So many memories behind us and soo many more ahead of us!