Sunday, June 27, 2010

Honduras - June 15th

After months of planning this trip, the day finally arrived to fly to Honduras. It was much cheaper to fly from NYC to San Pedro Sula (Honduras), so mom and dad flew to NYC on Saturday and then flew to Honduras with me from NYC. Kellyn and Coby couldn't make this trip as Coby doesn't have vacation yet with his new job.

Our flight left La Guardia at 7am, and we flew to Miami. We then flew from Miami to San Pedro Sula. This is a view of the Caribbean from the plane.
Kyle met us at the airport and he already had a cab driver waiting for us. We all piled in to a little Mazda Protege - Kyle in the front since he could communicate with the driver and mom, dad and I in the back. We were going to the bus terminal to catch a bus to our stop for the first 3 nights, Copan.

We took the Hedman Alas bus to Copan. It was about a 3 hours bus ride from San Pedro Sula. This was probably the most expensive bus, at $15 per person. But that meant that it had air conditioning, and it did not make stops along the way.
Everyone riding in luxury. I think we were all pleased with this bus after hearing stories from Kyle about the "chicken buses" in Honduras. It was also nice to be on this bus with all the windy roads to get to Copan.
When we arrived in Copan it was pouring. Kyle talked to the moto taxi drivers, and negotiated a fare to get us to our hotel. We all piled into the taxi (illegally, as only the driver should be sitting in the front seat) and drove to the hotel. The little moto taxi didn't really keep us all dry, as you can tell by my mom's sweatshirt.
This was our hotel room in Copan - it was nicer than I thought it would be.
We went to dinner at Twisted Tanya's for our first night. This was my favorite restaurant on the entire trip. The guy who owns it is from Brooklyn, NY, so it was a pretty "American" restaurant which I appreciated.

After dinner we just went to bed after our long day of traveling.

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Janis said...

I was a little more than wet after our first moto-taxi ride, I was soaked but it was fun and I dried out quickly.