Monday, June 28, 2010

Honduras - June 16th

This was the view outside of our hotel window when we woke up in Copan. So green and pretty.
And this was the pool at the hotel. None of us actually went swimming here though.
This truck was filled with mangos in the same spot everyday. This is right near the "central park" of Copan.
Honduras played in the World Cup at 5:30am this morning. Everyone we talked to was up early to watch it, and I would say 70% of the people that I saw throughout the day were wearing Honduras soccer shirts.
Kyle and mom walking to the ruins. Copan is famous for the Mayan Ruins so that is what we did on our first day (morning) in Copan. We had our own personal tour guide, Mauricio. He was VERY long winded, so our tour lasted about 3 hours. He had been working at the ruins since he was 13, and he was in his 40s now.

I think these were called altar tables. All of the shapes on the top and sides had some kind of relevance.

This is Mauricio.

One of the kings was named 18 Rabbit. I think this sculpture had something to do with him.
This is where they be-headed people. They would play a certain kind of game, and at the end of the game the best player would be be-headed. That is because the "gods" wanted to best. If I was in the game, I would just play really bad to avoid being be-headed.
This is back in the town of Copan. In every town we were in, there were always kids on the side of the streets selling fruit.
In the afternoon, our plan was to do a canopy tour (zip line). We went to the place that does the tours, and they told us that they had not done any tours that day because the river next to the road to get to the zip line overflowed the night before due to all the rain. They thought maybe the road was re-opened since it was now about 2pm and the gal said that she would call someone to check. The person she talked to said that yes, the road was opened and we could do the canopy tour. So, these 3 guys came to pick us up and we piled in to the back of the pick-up truck. We started making our way up the hill, and the sky started getting darker. Also, while the river was not flooding the road at the moment, it looked like it was going to flood the road if it started raining again. This was just a dirt road too - no pavement. A few minutes later the lightening started, and that is when we decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to be strapped to a metal line. So, we turned back around and headed into town.
This is what the sky looked like when we got back to town.
We stopped and had an afternoon tea/coffee on this patio.
On our walk back to the hotel, these kids tried to sell dad some mangos. He had no idea what they were saying, and they had no idea what he was saying.
We made it back to our hotel, but not before the rain started.
It started raining around 4ish, so we just hung out at the hotel for a couple of hours before dinner. I went outside with a book, and this was my view while reading. Such a relaxing couple of hours listening to the rain and reading a mindless book.
Once the rain kind of lightened up, we went to dinner and that will be in the next post.

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Janis said...

I really wanted to do the zip line--guess I will have to make another trip back to Honduras.