Thursday, June 10, 2010

Manhattan Walk

After doing this back in 2006, I really wanted to walk the island again. It was supposed to be a UES TGC event, but not too many people showed up. Jeff and I were the only ones who walked the entire 13.1 miles. A few people met us throughout the day.

We took the 1 train to 225th Street in the Bronx and crossed the bridge to Manhattan. We walked along 10th Avenue, then to Amsterdam, headed east to Central Park at 110th Street, walked through the park, exited on 5th Avenue and walked along 5th until Broadway crossed it, then took Broadway to Battery Park. We started at 8am and finished at about 2pm, but our time included kind of meandering through Central Park.

This is at the reservoir in Central Park - we were about halfway here.
At Belvedere Castle - Jon House had joined us at this point.
Stopping at Jamba Juice.
Battery Park!
Next time we decided we are going to go there and back!

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Janis said...

I want to do this---soon!!!