Friday, August 13, 2010

My July

Here is a recap of highlights of July:

July 2nd - My last day at KPMG.

July 3rd - One of my co-workers from KPMG is a professional lacrosse player. He plays for the Chicago Machine and he was selected to be on the USA team for the Lacrosse World Cup in Manchester, England. Mike was one of the associates on my main NYC client and our engagement team spent a LOT of time together. The Machine were in Long Island for this Saturday so a group of us from work all went to watch Mike play.

Nico, Younes, Raghav, Chris, Mike, Dan and I - we were all on NexCen together last year and this year. Dan had our shirts made for the game.
July 4th - we went to the West Side Highway to watch the fireworks. We got there early and got all set up. As soon as we were sitting on our blanket, the NYPD came over and was telling everyone "no blankets, no chairs." Everyone thought that was ridiculous and no one moved. We still wonder what the issue is with sitting on a blanket on the ground???
Jeff, Adam, Lauren and me.
Almost dark. Lauren and Adam are friends from church - they moved to the city from Louisville a couple of months ago.
July 17th and 24th - Long Beach. These two Saturdays are at the top of my list for my best summer Saturdays in NYC. Long Beach is on Long Island, and it is only about a 45 minute train ride from the City. We meet at Penn Station at 9am for the 9:45 train. On the first Saturday we brought the 6:30 train back and the second Saturday we brought the 5:30 train back. They were both such great days!

Julianna, Me, Joe, Jessica Joy and Amanda - Joe and the ladies :)

Jessica Joy is a really good friend of mine (and she is my cat-sitter when I go on trips).
Jessica Joy and Joe.
At the end of the day, we were all sitting there chatting before it was time to go. Suddenly, I feel something hit my face - thank goodness I had my sunglasses on, otherwise I think it would have been in my eye. GROSS!!!
Once we got back in the City, this was the 6 train that I took back to my stop. It is advertising the new (and first) Target that just opened in Manhattan. I made my first trip today.

Part of our group the second Saturday at the beach.
July 31 - Diamondbacks - Mets Game. Even though the D-backs are awful this year, it is still fun to go watch them play at an away game.

Jon, Me, Zach and Tina. The "Big Apple" that is in front of the stadium.

Tina, Elina and I. Tina went to ASU for about a year, and Elina grew up in Chandler and is a graduate of ASU.
I can't believe it is already the middle of August. When I was at Target and Costco today, they have all of their winter coats and boots out - the summer is almost over :(

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