Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sauna Rules

I usually go sit in the sauna at the gym after working out - I will always go in during the winter to warm up before my 5-block walk back to my apartment. I turn my ipod to a slower song (usually Chris Tomlin or Nora Jones) and I take my phone and water bottle in with me. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was at the gym and I went and sat in the sauna after my workout. There were two others in there, and the conversation went something like this:

Crazy girl to me: "You can't have your shoes on in here!"
Me: Ignore her and just sit down.
Me: Change my ipod to a different song, and get my cell phone out and start looking at Facebook.
Crazy girl: "You have your phone in here too! That is a security violation." She gets up and leaves the sauna.
Normal girl to me: "I am glad you came in here - she said the exact same thing to me."
Me: "I always come in here with all my stuff after I workout - I am not worried about it. She's just weird."
5 minutes later...
NYSC Employee #1 to me and normal girl: "What is going on in here?"
Me: "This girl got upset with us since we had our shoes and phones in here - I don't know what her issue is."
NYSC Employee #1: "Yeah, you guys are not hurting anything. I come in here all the time in the winter with my shoes on just to warm up."
A few minutes later...
NYSC Employee #2: "You guys need to get out of the sauna - you can't have your shoes and clothes on in here."
Me: "I come in here all the time just like I am now. Did the rules change?"
NYSC Employee #2: "No, but this girl out there asked me to tell you to get out of here."
Me: "Ok, I will leave in a few minutes."

So...after all that, I noticed this sign on the door of the sauna a couple of days after the above incident.
I still don't obey these rules :)


laurie said...

oh my goodness, i get so irked by people like that! It would be different if you brought in a radio and were blaring music but she wasnt affected at all by your shoes or phone! Sheesh!!

Mikele said...

I wonder if Crazy Girl is sleeping with NYSC Employee #2... I'm just saying...