Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yale University

Yesterday I spent the day walking around Yale. New Haven, CT is only about an hour and a half train ride on Metro North, and I have a friend here in NYC who graduated from Yale a few years ago, so we decided to take a day trip.

This is called the Old Campus. Grace said that all the freshman dorm at the Old Campus and then the rest of the students are at the "new campus" (I actually don't know the official name for it).
Dina, Me and Grace - Grace is the one who graduated from Yale in 2005 so she played tour guide for Dina and I. It was good having Grace there as we would follow students into buildings where you needed a pass to get in, and then Grace knew exactly where to take us and cool things to show us.
Such a beautiful day - I am so happy we went in the fall.
One large tree!

This is the library. All of the buildings were so old and there is so much history and tradition there.
I didn't buy the shirt - just wanted a picture.
Grace in front of the entrance to the gym.
These guys were on the crew team and they were practicing.
They were ripped! And also probably about 20 years old.
The campus reminded me of Hogwarts. Also, every student is in a residential college - Grace was in Silliman. I didn't see Gryffindor though :)
This is probably the end of fall. We switched over to daylight savings time today, so by 5pm tonight it was pitch dark. Not a fan of daylight savings.
This is Skull and Bones - a secret society.
Such a fun day. Yale does have a lot of history and I am sure it would have been a fun college to attend...but, I am happy to be a Sun Devil :) Thanks Grace for taking us!

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