Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dad's December Trip to NYC

Dad was in NYC from December 9 - 17. In order for me to be home the week and a half I was in AZ for Christmas, I had to transport my cats back and forth with me. Since they are a carry-on on the plane, I need another person to fly with me. So...Dad came to NYC before Christmas, and Mom came to NYC after Christmas. And Otis and Sam made it back and forth just fine, although I don't think they are big fans of traveling.

On the Saturday that Dad was here, we walked from my apartment down Madison Avenue to midtown to look at the windows. This is "The Mansion," aka Ralph Lauren. I had heard that it was decorated inside, so Dad and I walked through the store. We saw a sports coat for $5,000 so we knew we wouldn't be buying anything :)
The windows at Barney's.
More Barney's windows.
The Tiffany windows - these were my favorite.
Inside Tiffany.
The Trump Tower.
Columbus Circle.
One night after work, we went to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.

We watched a proposal take place on the ice rink.
The Saks 5th Ave windows.
We saw Rain on Broadway.

And Memphis as well.

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