Monday, January 17, 2011

Macy's Balloon Inflation

I decided to start blogging again after my little hiatus the last month. I have started scrapbooking again, and this blog has been a great tool in helping me remember details of certain events. So...later this year (hopefully) when I am scrapbooking 2010 I am going to be happy that I did this.

On the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, we were supposed to have Lifegroup. It was just going to be me and Jessica Joy, and she called me that afternoon to see if I wanted to go to the balloon inflation. After last year, I said I would never go again. But, she had never been and it was not terribly cold out, so I said I would go. When I met up with her, Joe was with her (he was headed to the subway) but I told him that he should come to so he did.

Jessica Joy and Joe waiting in line. This year we went at about 8pm - last year we went at 5pm. I thought by going later it would be less busy but I was wrong. We waited in line for about an hour just to cross the street to get to the balloons.
The three of us in line.
There were so many people. We only walked through half of it, and then when we got to Central Park West we crossed the street and walked home through the park.
I am going to say again that I will never do this again :)

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