Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Camelback Mountain

When I was home for Christmas, I think I hiked Camelback Mountain more than half of the days that I was there. I love that mountain, and it is such a good hike. Whenever Jenn and I hike together, we always say that there is nothing like it in NYC.

This mesquite tree at the top was decorated for Christmas.
There was also a Christmas tree.
Dad ACTUALLY made it to the top!
I can never get jumping pictures quite right.
I hiked with the Millsaps the day after Christmas.
Alexi, Mack and Mikalie.
Mack and Mikalie made it to the top with me. Lexi and Diahann...not so much.

This is not Camelback, but Squaw Peak. Jenn and I hiked this early one morning.

Can't wait to get back and do some more hiking. Might be a little too hot at Memorial Day and the snakes will be out then too!


Mikele said...

I think that was a great jumping picture!

Kellyn said...

You forgot about your last Camelback hike with me and yes I made it to the top also on a cold rainy day.