Saturday, April 16, 2011

New York Botanical Garden

Today was corporate day at the New York Botanical Garden and I had free tickets through Pfizer.
I went with two friends from church, Sarah and Joy, who I have gotten to know through my 6:30am Friday morning Bible study.
Unfortunately, my tickets were only good for today and it was a cold, rainy day here in the northeast.
The special event going on right now at the NYBG is The Orchid Show on Broadway.
Fortunately, this event was all inside...
because orchids only grow in warmer climates.
I never realized how many different kinds of orchids there are.
About 60% of orchids are "miniature" orchids and can only be seen with a magnifying glass.
I am so tired of wearing pants and thick coats/sweaters/layers.
At least seeing all these flowers makes it look like spring.
I had fun with my new DSLR camera today.
I am happy we decided to go even though it was raining. I do want to go back on a warm, sunny day as there are 250 acres in this garden.

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Gary said...

The flowers look like it is spring but your clothes look like it is still the middle of winter. The flowers are very colorful.