Saturday, May 14, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I decided I better get back to catching up - otherwise it is going to be Christmas 2011 before I finish 2010. We celebrated Christmas Eve with the Horton side of the family at Kevin & Jocelyn's, and then Christmas Day with the Balmer side of the family at Grandma Hazel's.

Shane, Eric, Jocelyn, Betty & Roger
Leila and Colby
Alex, Alex's brother, Colleen and Bryan
Brittany, Barry Jason, Brett and Barry
Dad, Kevin, Todd & Jen
Grandma Lois and I
Kellyn and I
Me, Grandma Lois and Kellyn
On Christmas morning, I got up and went for a short run around the canal bank. Kellyn and Coby then came over for our immediate family Christmas. Kyle spent this Christmas in Honduras again.

Sam with her Christmas flair.
And Otis his flair. I tried taking a picture holding both of them, but that turned into a hissing disaster.
Me and Kellyn
Mom and Dad
A blanket that Mom and Dad gave me
Cruzer opening his presents.
Skyping with Kyle
Kellyn and Coby got they can come to NYC :)
Grandma Hazel
A panoramic picture I took with Kellyn's new camera.
Decorating Cruzer with bows.

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