Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rust Reunion 2011

I spent last week (June 12-19) in Ludington, MI, at the 2011 Rust Family Reunion. My Grandma Lois (my dad's mom) is one of 11 kids and her maiden name is Rust. The first reunion was held back in 1978, and this year's was the 9th reunion. More pictures will come, but for now I wanted to get the group pictures on my blog.

This is the overall group picture of all reunion attendees. There are 175 people in this picture, and the total reunion count was 186. Currently, there are 284 living Rust family members (beginning with my great-grandmother Eva Rust).
These are the originals...all children of Virgil and Eva Rust. Out of the 11, 8 are still living. My Grandma Lois is currently the oldest living child, and she is in the green on the right.
These are the grandchildren of Virgil and Eva Rust. There are a total of 45 grandchildren.
These are the great-grandchildren of Virgil and Eva Rust. There are a total of 97 of us, and I am #21 in the line-up.
And these are the great-great grandchildren, with the current count being 56. This picture was fun to try to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time. As you can see, I was not successful (and this was the best out of about 10 shots).
#1 - The Maxine Austin Family
#2 - The Bonnie Horton Family
#3 - The Lois Horton Family
#4 - The Leah Cooper Family
#5 - The Robert Rust Family
#6 - The Barb Evans Family
#7 - The Shirley Happeny Family (Aunt Shirley was the only attendee)
#8 - The Pat Boozer Family
#9 - The Jerry Rust Family
#10 - The Karen Traudt Family
#11 - The Chuck Rust Family
I love these reunions and I feel so blessed to be a part of this family!
* Credit goes to my Uncle Kevin for all of the statistics.


Janis said...

Nice work, Kristin.

Kevin said...

Colby the wonder-child...single-handedly part of two generations!

Nice job putting this together Kristin. Thanks for the credit -- nice to see those statistics used somewhere outside the Rust website...

Cool mum said...

Wow this is fascinating! I love the color coding and seeing how the families start to have gradually fewer children but still more than average after coming from a big family. Makes me wonder how small the reunions are going to be when we're the older generation.