Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pat's Run 2012

New York City and Central Park turned me into a runner. I am not extremely fast or a professional by any means, but it is a good workout and it is fun to do running events. A couple of months ago I convinced Kellyn to do Pat's Run with me.
We were in Corral 7 out of 28. The first wave (i.e. Corral 1) went off at 7:05am, and then each wave was 30 seconds after that. It was probably in the 70s when we did the run, but it got hot when we turned east on Curry directly into the sun.
The finish line was on the 42nd yard line of Sun Devil Stadium (since Pat Tillman was #42). I had heard that in previous years people got backed up when they entered the stadium, but it seems that they have perfected the run so that you can continue running across the finish line. I finished in 35:49 (4.2 miles) which is a personal best! Kellyn even said she is ready for another race :)


Janis said...

Me too--but I will be walking.

Mikele said...

So glad you ate home!