Saturday, April 28, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

Today I did my first mud run and it was a blast! We did the Warrior Dash held in Florence, AZ. It consisted of 3.28 miles, with a total of 13 obstacles throughout the course. The obstacles included running through a tire jungle, running on top of old cars, scaling walls, climbing through cargo nets, jumping over fire and crawling through a mud pit.

My group of friends who did this with me - Bobby, Jaime, Me, Steve and Dave.

Jaime and I nice and clean before the run.

Finished - my time was 36:41.70 and that put me at 101 (out of 1,314) in my age group and 1,059 (out of 6,632) overall. I could have gone one of the obstacles I had to wait in line at least 5 minutes, but everyone had to wait for that one so that makes the place order fair anyway.

Dave and I...Dave beat me by about 5 minutes.

Jaime, Bobby and I - not so clean anymore.

After we took this picture we went to the hose down area and tried to clean up before driving home. I ran my clothes through the wash twice tonight (including a 45 minute soak) and my socks are still brown. The rest of my clothes are back to normal though. My hair was also covered in gross but so fun at the same time!
We can't wait for the next one!

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