Saturday, August 18, 2012

AZ Road Racers Summer Series

This summer I did 3 races (out of 5) in the AZ Road Racers Summer Series. Heather signed up for all 5, and when I saw on Facebook that she had posted pictures of the first one I asked for more details. While these were nowhere near the caliber of NY Road Runners' events, they were still good events and kept me in somewhat ok running shape through the hot Phoenix summer.

Dates, times, locations are as follows:
Race #2 - June 10, 2012 - Reach 11 Park - 24:52 (8:00 min/mile)
Race #4 - July 14, 2012 - Kiwanis Park - 25:51 (8:20 min/mile)
Race #5 - August 12, 2012 - South Mountain Park - 27:41 (8:55 min/mile)

My times got slower as the summer went on - not good, but I think it was because it just kept getting hotter and hotter and my running outside kept getting less and less. Looking forward to cooler weather to try to break an 8 minute mile :)

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Janis said...

Looks like fun. I am looking forward to the Hot Chocolate Run.