Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Streets 2012

Yesterday I went to NYC for Summer Streets. I did this in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (I guess I did not blog it last year) with the same group of friends. I did not want to miss out this year so I went back for the day. My flight was supposed to leave PHX at 9:35pm on Friday night, but we were about an hour delayed so I was an hour late landing. I arrived at JFK at 6:15am on Saturday morning, and took the Air Train to Howard Beach to take the A to Foley Square where I met up with the Corpus' and Jennifer. 

Eric and Noah playing a little soccer in Foley Square

They were handing out these little applesauce packets - Micah and I both really liked them.

This was about a quarter of the way - we were in NoHo here.

At the Whole Foods picnic area at 24th Street. They are opening a Whole Foods at 57th and 2nd (they are about 4 years too late in doing this - I always had to go all the way to Union Square).

Micah was hungry before the rest of us were ready for lunch. He almost went through this entire container of Puffs.

The annual "jumping" tradition at Grand Central Station.

Noah participated this year.

Noah did great this year - he walked/rode his scooter the entire 7 miles with no complaining!

The group after lunch on the UES. Dina joined us for lunch.

We finished walking around 12:30pm and had lunch at Chipotle in my old neighborhood. Jennifer was really nice and offered to drive me to JFK so I wouldn't have to take the subway. My flight departed JFK at 4:30pm and I landed in PHX at 6:30pm. I definitely went to bed early last night. (I would have stayed the weekend, but I had signed up to do a 5k this morning (and convinced others to run) so I needed to be back for that).


Jessica Joy Stewart said...

I had no idea you were in NYC!!! What a bummer. =*( Would love to have given you a big squeeze.

Looks like a great day with great friends. xoxo

Cool Dad said...

So much fun! Thanks for jetting on over for the day. :)