Sunday, November 25, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I had another birthday (they come around way too fast these days). I ended up going to dinner at True Food Kitchen with some great friends - it was totally low key, but it was with the perfect people.

Feryal & John
 Kyle, Jackie, Me, Olivia, Elizabeth and Skyler
 Jenn and Kelly
 Aubrey and Montana
 Dianna, Ellie and Feryal
 Jenn and Kelly
 Kellyn made a red velvet cake (and I had a cheat night on the diet).
 The group.
After dinner a few of us ended up going to Toby Keith's. I wasn't going to go out since it had been a long week with my grandma, but we finished dinner a little before 10 and I didn't want to go home that early. We had fun there and I am glad I went out.

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