Friday, December 27, 2013

Road to Hana

On Sunday morning, Kyle and I got up bright and early to do a Road to Hana bus tour. Kyle won a free ticket for this tour, and Mom and Dad had already done the Road to Hana, so I decided to go with him. We got picked up at our hotel around 7am, and stopped at about 5 more hotels to pick up others (Kyle and I were by far the youngest people on this tour). Here is a description of the Road to Hana: Along Maui's rugged eastern coastline is the peaceful town of Hana, considered one of the last unspoiled Hawaiian frontiers. The legendary road to Hana is only 52 miles from Kahului, however the drive can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete since it consists of narrow one-lane bridges, hairpin turns and incredible island views. The Hana Highway (HI-360) has 620 curves and 59 bridges. The road leads you through flourishing rainforests, flowing waterfalls, plunging pools and dramatic seascapes.

Below are a bunch of pics from our day. I loved the stops, didn't love the driving so much as it was really curvy and I was carsick.

We got back to our hotel around 7:30 or so at night. Long day. If I do Road to Hana again, I think I would drive it in a convertible so could stop whenever I want. Although doing the tour meant you could take the back way (shortcut) home.

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Mom said...

Pretty pictures--but the road can make you a lot sick.