Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Beach and Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Saturday morning started out with another 3-mile run on the beach with views like these, 
followed by some headstands (and cartwheels and handstands by Kyle and Kellyn).
Kyle and Kellyn cooked breakfast for us back at the condo before we headed to the beach for the day.
I believe this was Fleming Beach. The waves were pretty rough - Kellyn and I both almost had some wardrobe malfunctions :)
After the beach we went to Lahaina specifically to get shaved ice via a recommendation by one of Kellyn's friends who lives on Maui.

It was typical shaved ice with ice cream at the bottom - really good. Mom, Dad, Kyle and I actually went back a few days later for seconds.

After Lahaina we went to Blackrock. Kyle and I did some cliff jumping and everyone did some snorkeling…this was probably the best snorkel area.
Saturday night we got take out and ate at the condo because Kellyn was supposed to fly back to the mainland. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, her flight was cancelled so she got an extra day on the island.

This was the view from our condo during the day...
and this was the view at night.
Up next, Road to Hana...

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