Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Festivities 2014

This year was my first Christmas of having a prepared for lots of pictures of Uriah :)

Mom bought a new Christmas decoration which is a plastic Santa boot (another box to add to the approximately 150 boxes of decorations). Uriah fit perfectly inside of it.
On the Sunday night before Christmas, Mom and Dad had a Christmas open house. This is mom and dad with mom's best friend from high school, Robin, and other long time friends Albert and Anne Marie.
The home school group pic - Mom, me, Jan, Jenn, Jessica and Kellyn.
Taylor Morrison friends - Ben and Dave. I am not usually this close in height to them but my shoes helped me out a little in this pic.
Jenn and I have known each other since 3rd grade - and I'm glad I still know her so well.
On Christmas Eve we started the night at the 4:15 service at church. Brian talked about hot yoga during his message and I was sitting in the same row as Rob and Kathryn and mom and dad so we were all laughing pretty hard. The point of his message was that the message of Christmas must confront you before it can comfort you and how we don't like to be exposed - hence the connection to hot yoga where you practice in a room with mirrors and not wearing a lot of clothes.
The last song we sang was Silent Night and everyone had a candle - it was pretty in the room.
After the service we took some pictures by the wreath.
Rob and Kathryn...
Me, Kyle, Mom and Dad...
Eli, Brian, Bella, Gina and Faith...
and Gina and I.
The Horton Christmas Eve was at Kevin and Jocelyn's so we went there right after church.
Tyler got to meet Uriah for the first time.
Table #1...
and Table #2. 

Santa (aka Rob) showed up. Uriah was the first of the kids to sit on his lap.
I think in a year from now this could be a screaming picture as opposed to a smiling picture.
Chloe was the last of the kids to get her named called by Santa...and she was the first to line up when Santa arrived. Santa played a joke on her when it came to the last gift and told her the gift was for Frank. She looked like she was about to cry but Santa saved the day and told her the gift was actually for her.

A little dark, but a panoramic shot of everyone during the white elephant gift exchange.
On Christmas morning Kyle and I continued our tradition of hiking Camelback, but this year Kellyn joined us. #stillfitafteralltheseyears
Warming up and feeding Uriah after Camelback. It was pretty cold on the mountain, and coming down it got windy. After everyone was showered after the hike we had a really late brunch (1:30pm) at Mom and Dad's.
Now instead of taking a kids pic in front of the tree, it has become a grandkids pic in front of the tree.

In the end, Mom and Dad couldn't go without the kids pic.
Uriah had fun opening gifts...mostly just ripping the paper.

I found this vintage toy at World Market. We had this as a kid...will be the "landline" phone Uriah will ever know.
Dad made sure Uriah had a basketball.
Grandma and Grandpa and Uriah.

After we finished opening gifts, Kellyn and Uriah left to go meet Coby and go to the Hiatt's. Coby had to work on Christmas morning so that is why he wasn't at our Christmas. I took a nap and then Mom, Dad, Kyle and I went down to AZ Center and saw the movie Unbroken.

It was a good, quiet Christmas Day but Christmas is so different now without Grandma Hazel. We were all missing her.

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Mom said...

Thanks Kristin. It was a nice Christmas but yes definitely missing grandma.