Thursday, June 16, 2016

Europe 2016 - Brussels

I spent approximately the last two weeks of May 2016 in Europe. I started to consider the trip when I found out my cousin was going to Malta for Memorial Day weekend and "did I want to go?" Of course I wanted to go, and the timing ended up working out extremely well.

I left on Friday night, May 20th, and did the British Airways flight direct from Phoenix to London Heathrow. I ended up sleeping the majority of the flight, so landed after what I felt was no time at all. I had about a 4 hour layover at Heathrow before flying to Brussels. When I landed in Brussels, the airport was extremely empty and a little eerie. Scott picked me up from the airport, but I had to meet him outside and across the street as they still hadn't fully opened the airport since the March terror attacks. I spent two days with Scott and Julie in Waterloo before their European living comes to an end.

Reagan and Addy at a fair at Brady's school on Sunday afternoon.
Sunday night Scott, Julie and I went to Leuven, a town about 20 minutes from Waterloo, for dinner. 

Dinner at Kautoubiya, a Moroccan restaurant.

We all had the prix fixe dinner. This was the tiniest tea cup I had ever sipped tea from.
Monday morning I woke up and went to crossfit with Scott. I had never done crossfit before so thought it would be fun to give it a try. It wasn't like what I am used to at BODI, but it was still a good workout...never miss a Monday, even on vacation.
For lunch Monday, Julie and I went to a Belgian brasserie and we both had an excellent goat cheese salad. Julie had been before, as this was a place they had done some of their culture training when they first moved there.

This is Nala and the first time I had met her. She is a lab, and definitely thinks she is a lap dog :)  Really sweet dog and fits in well with the Cripps' family.
My one picture with the kids before I left. Addy didn't feel well while I was there so she spent a lot of her time watching movies on the couch. Hopefully I can see more of these kiddos once they are back in America.
Monday afternoon my cousin came to pick me up from Waterloo and we headed to Münster, Germany. Thanks Scott and Julie for allowing me to be a returning guest in Belgium :)

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