Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day After Thanksgiving

Mom loves her early morning day after Thanksgiving shopping. In Arizona, Kellyn always goes with her - it is not worth getting up at 3:30am to me to get $10 to certain stores or a free snow globe. Well, this year since Kellyn was not in NYC with us, I had to get up to go with mom. We left my apartment at about 3:40am and walked to the subway to go to JC Penny's in Herald Square. They opened at 4am and mom needed to get her free snow globe there. After Penny's we hopped on the subway to go to Sports Authority which opened at 5am. We each got a $10 gift certificate to spend. There was a Starbucks next to Sports Authority, so we stopped there for breakfast before going to Bed Bath & Beyond at 6am. We were home and back in bed by 7am.

After we were done shopping, we came back to my apartment and slept for a few hours. We then went to lunch at Juniors in Times Square for lunch.
Mom and I then walked through Bryant Park area and,
down 5th Avenue to see all the windows.


Janis said...

I thought more people would be out shopping. Maybe they shop so much that the day after Thanksgiving is not a big deal. It was fun and I am glad I was able to experience the day after Thanksgiving in NYC.

Kellyn said...

I am a better shopping partner :-) but I bet it was a different experience in NYC.

Mikele said...

Remind me not to be near your mother on the day after Thanksgiving. :)