Saturday, March 20, 2010

Macy's Balloon Inflation

The night before Thanksgiving we went to the Macy's Balloon Inflation. All the balloons are blown up the night before and "netted" to the ground at the starting point on the Upper West Side. We stopped at Starbucks before we walked across Central Park.
Once we got out of the park, there were so many people everywhere - you could barely move. We got in line to the entrance and made our way through the crowds.

This is what we saw - all the balloons were under nets and ready to go for the next morning.
And these were all the people.
Mom, Dad and Snoopy. It started raining a little more at the end.

We were there for about an hour or so to make the walk around the block, and then we walked back across the park to my apartment.
If you can't tell from my post, I don't think I will be attending the balloon inflation again. There were too many people just to see the balloons on the ground.

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Janis said...

It was still fun---just to be outside walking around NYC is always fun.