Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Christmas Tree Cutting

On December 5, 2009, a group from church was heading to Maple Row Tree Farm in Connecticut to cut down Christmas trees. I did not want a tree, but decided to go with everyone to get out of the City for a day. It was a cold day, and started snowing just as we were leaving the farm.

There were wreaths for sale (which I did consider buying one).
Part of our group - Nathan, Stephanie, Nathan, Me and Jon
Dina, Jessica Joy and I
They loaded us on the back of a trailor and drove us out to the farm.

Jessica Joy and I
Lots and lots of trees. You can go here to cut your own tree, or they bring them into the City to sell (see previous post on how trees are sold in the City).
Some of the guys - Nathan, Jon, Mike and Nathan

We spent a lot of our time around this trash can - there was a fire going inside of it.
Only one couple bought a tree - good thing too because it took a lot just to tie this one tree to the top of the van.
Jessica Joy and Misha - we stopped at a famous restaurant on our way back but I forgot the name of it.
The group (minus me).

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