Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lady Liberty and The Crown

On the Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving, we had tickets to the crown. After 9/11 they closed the crown to visitors, and on July 4th of last year they opened it back up to a limited number of visitors a day. Tickets are sold out pretty far in the future, but you can check the website each day for last minute cancellations. Mom REALLY wanted to to go to the crown, and she was able to find 3 tickets for Saturday morning.

Good thing we already had our crown tickets!
Battery Park City - on the boat waiting to leave to Liberty Island.
It was a very windy day (and cold too).
This was the original torch. It is in the pedestal of Lady Liberty now.
Up the stairs to the crown.
Around, and around, and around. The crown is 22 stories high.
This is looking down from the crown - you can see her tablet - it says July 4, 1776.
In the crown - there was not a lot of room up there.
Looking up from inside the crown.
Halfway down...
Looking back at Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan. If the Twin Towers were still standing, they would be in this picture.

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