Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised my life up from the dead...

Today was such gorgeous Easter Sunday in NYC. I slept in a little, went to the gym, took a lunch to Central Park and read for a little while in the sun, and then went to church tonight.

Spring is my favorite time of the year in NYC. As I was walking through the park today, I was praising God that He planned for Resurrection Sunday to be in the spring. The trees are beautiful in the park right now, and they are a picture of new life - just like Jesus' death and resurrection offers us new LIFE in Him. Here are some pictures from today.

The Park was so busy - the City comes to life when it warms up. People are out walking the streets, restaurants open up their patios and everyone's mood changes - it is wonderful after a long, cold winter.

This is my street - all of the trees have white blossoms on them.
These are my Lifegroup girls before church tonight - Lindsay, Jessica Joy and Liz.


Janis said...

So pretty--God's plans are exactly what we need!!

Kellyn said...

I forgot to show grandma before we left last night. I will show her next time I am with her. Beautiful trees and nice dress:-)

Jennifer Paige Designs said...

Beautiful shots! What a great Easter! Maybe next year you will be spending it in AZ :-)