Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Axis Radius

After the ASU game, we all went home and changed out of our maroon and gold so we could go to Axis for the rest of the night (really, it was early the next morning). None of us had been out in a LONG time, and the only reason we were going was because it was Aaron Cuoco's last night of dee jaying at Axis. Better known as DJ Swerv, Aaron had been the DJ at Axis for the last 10 years. When we were in college, Axis was our favorite place to go because Aaron would put us on the list so we wouldn't have to pay cover.
Lauren and I before leaving my parents' house. On my first night of going dancing back in 2001, Lauren brought me some clothes to borrow because I didn't have any "clubbing clothes" which back then consisted of a nice shirt and black pants - no jeans, they had to be black pants :) When I stopped going out dancing a lot a few years ago, jeans was what people wore. Now, the girls where cocktail dresses.
Lauren, Me, Kelly and Jenn.
We got glowsticks. I thought this was a cool picture of Lauren and Jason.
Jenn and DJ Swerv.
Paul and Aaron.
We stayed until 2am and closed down the place. Definitely the end of an era...I don't think I will ever go to Axis again. Lots of good memories though and fun nights of dancing with the Ukazu group. Thanks Aaron for always getting us on the VIP list!

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