Sunday, October 31, 2010

Email From My Dad

My Dad sent this email to some family on Tuesday...

"We were talking to Kristin on the phone last night about 11 PM (maybe later) her time. She said Otis (her cat) was hearing some noises coming from outside. She had her window cracked and could hear some rustling and noticed a guy going back and forth and walking along the top of the fence that goes between her apartment building and the one behind her (the apt bldg on 80th St...the next street over). This went on for about 20 minutes, so she called Richie, the apt "super". He said he better call the police. So about 5 or 10 minutes later, Kristin said she could hear sirens and then 4 NYPD officers were ringing her bell to get into the apartment bldg. She buzzed them in and they came to her door....she kept her lights off and took them to the window and pointed out the guy who was out there. They asked how they could get into the back yard....Kristin told them from one of the apartments on the floor below. They left and Kristin continued to watch the guy on the fence....Then she heard someone say "Don't move" and then saw a bunch of flashlights down where the guy had been. She said the officers stayed down there for about an hour and were shining flashlights all around and up towards some of the apartments above her. When the officers were done, they came back by to tell Kristin that they caught the guy...that he had broken a window on the floor above Kristin and couple of units over (#4B.....Kristin is in #1A) and had stolen a number of items that he had piled in the backyard. They thanked Kristin for calling...they don't usually show up to catch a guy red-handed when they get a call like this....usually by the time they arrive, the burglar is gone."

That is pretty much how the story went. (And I used his email because I guess I am too lazy to write about it myself :))

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Mikele said...

Oh, for heaven's sake! So scary. Good job.