Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mom's College of Education Graduation

Mom and the Grandma's - they did not sit with the rest of the group during the ceremony and they missed my mom's name being called and her walking across the stage.  We even went up and told them to be ready when she was getting close.  After the ceremony, they said "Did they even call Janis's name?"  

Mom with her mom and brothers

Mom and Dad

The four of us - Kyle was being sworn in as a Peace Corp volunteer that same day.  He has that documented on his blog, Honduras Happenings.

Congrats, MOM!!!  You finished!

Dinner after the ceremony at Sam's Cafe at the Biltmore

Dad's favorite part of dinner - the white chocolate tamales


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the congratulations!! Too bad Kyle was not here because that would be our Christmas picture. My hair looks terrible in the picture at Sam's Cafe, I should have left the cap on. Love you Miss you

Janis said...

Sorry that it says anonymous--I guess I hit the wrong button and I don't know how to fix it.

Mikele said...

Janis, I thought you looked really pretty.

Janis said...

Thank you