Friday, June 19, 2009

Soho, Lower East Side and Washington Square Park

On the last Saturday night in May, Jenn and I met up for a little exploring of NYC. We first had dinner at a restaurant in Soho, The Delicatessen. We shared a salad and grilled vegetables and hummus. We sat on the patio - the weather was so nice.

After dinner we walked to the Lower East Side to Babycakes. This is a vegan cupcake place that we had been to before - their cupcakes are so good!

After getting cupcakes, we decided to walk towards Washington Square Park. On our way there, we we saw these different looking flowers in a museum. The door to the museum was open, and this guy came out riding a Razor, so I asked him if I could run inside and take a picture. I got the picture, but everyone in that museum was very odd. We left quickly.

Before we got to Washington Square Park, we stopped for iced tea at the Tea Spot. They have fresh tea leaves and they brew your tea after you order - it was yummy!

We then sat in Washington Square Park watching the sites, eating our cupcakes and drinking tea and pondering life. I am so glad Jenn lives in this crazy city with me.

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Mikele said...

I want to visit all of those places. Except vegan cupcakes. I can't really figure that one out.