Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple Picking

I am taking a break from trying to catch up on all my back-posts and posting a "real-time" entry. Every year my church does an annual apple picking trip and today was the yearly outing. There were probably about 80 or so people that attended. We have services on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Chelsea, so each neighborhood church organized transportation. We left the UES this morning around 9:30am with three 15 passenger vans. The farm was in New Paltz, NY, which is about an hour and a half from the city in upstate NY. Once we got to the farm, we met up with the rest of the groups from Trinity Grace. It was kind of drizzly today but not too cold so that was good.

These were all the pumpkins in front of the barn. Everything looked so "fall."
On our way out to the apple orchards. At the barn you had to buy an apple picking bag - either 1/2 peck, a full peck or 1/2 bushel. I bought a half peck and ended up with about a dozen or so apples (not including the ones I ate while we were out in the field). We all got hot apple cider before we headed out to pick apples - and I got more when we came back - it was very good. This was the group I started out with, but we kind of dispersed in the orchards.

Everything was so pretty. And being from AZ, I do not have any "fall" experience. All the colors were amazing - in the van on the way there someone made the comment that God is such a great artist - I agree!

I picked some of those apples right after I took this picture.
All the apples were so red and delicious!

I rained on and off throughout the day.
With my friend Laura and her son, Noah.
I loved all the decorations around the barn.

Such a fun day. On the way home we stopped at a mall for a couple of hours since there are no malls in Manhattan - and we had a car which is a luxury now :)


Janis said...

Love the colors--I like the white pumpkins.

Glad you could go and have some fun

SherinAustin said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like so much fun!!