Monday, October 12, 2009

Brian and Sun's Visit - September 18 - Day 2

On Friday morning we slept in a little and had breakfast at my apartment. Sun wanted to go get clams and oysters at the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy, and then our plan was to go on a Circle Line cruise around Manhattan.

Sun having raw clams
Sporting our Kanye West glasses
After Little Italy, we headed to the west side to the Circle Line cruise port to do a 3-hour cruise around Manhattan. I had done a Circle Line cruise back in 2002, but I learned a lot on this one - I think I remembered more since I live here now.

Going under the Brooklyn Bridge
The Empire State Building is on the left and the Chrysler Building is on the right.
The new Yankee Stadium on the left and the old Yankee Stadium on the right.
After the cruise we did dinner in Koreatown. The picture below are the appetizers - I guess this is a standard set of appetizers in Korea. This is included in the meal price - like chips and salsa or bread. Sun ordered a noodle dish, and she kept asking me to try it. She wouldn't tell me what kind of meat it was, but I did break down and have a bite. After I ate it she started laughing and showed me the menu - it was beef intestine. I kind of lost my appetite after that.
At Rockefeller Center
We ended the night at Serendipity. The ice cream sundae was much needed after the beef intestine :)

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