Monday, October 19, 2009

Mom and Kellyn's Visit

Mom and Kellyn were here from Friday night, September 25 through Wednesday morning, September 30th. I met them at the AirTrain at JFK on Friday night and we went to Totonno's for dinner. We were in the process of trying to file the 10-K at work, so unfortunately I had to work quite a bit while they were here. On Saturday morning I left for work around 9am. I got home around 5pm, as we were going to see South Pacific Saturday night.

On the computer while waiting for Mom and Kellyn to get ready.
We went to dinner at Beyoglu. It is just at 81st and 3rd and it is always packed.
Our appetizer platter - everyone loved the grape leaves :)
Seeing South Pacific at Lincoln Center. Not one of my favorite Broadway shows.

After the show we went to Serendipity. This is my favorite dessert - the caramel ice cream sundae.
Mom with the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

It was pouring when we left Serendipity and none of us had an umbrella so we just cabbed it home. The rest of their trip I was unfortunately working :( Sunday - 10am to 8pm, Monday 9am to 3am and Tuesday 10am to 11pm. We all flew to Phoenix early Wednesday morning.

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Janis said...

Sure wish you could have spent more time with us. We missed our tour guide although Kellyn did a great job of getting us around.