Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7 Mile Hike - Reunion Day 2

We started the first day of the reunion with an awesome hike. I had checked out hiking trails online before I left NYC...and some of my cousins had also checked out trails. I got up early and did a 3-mile run, and when I got back to the resort Allen was trying to figure out a plan for the day. I mentioned hiking, and we ended up getting a fun group together.

Allen (third cousin), Tara (wife of third cousin), Kyle, Me, Marc (third cousin), Katie (Marc's wife), Amber (third cousin), Coby and Kellyn.
Crossing the river.
The girls.
The guys.
Allen and I.
The guys were the in charge of figuring out where we were going.
We found this old shack (or original house of James Monroe) and we all decided to get on top of it for a picture. It took us a while to get the camera set up - it was on the ground with some major zoom action. Kyle pressed the timer button and quickly jumped on the roof - lots of work for this picture but we were all having fun.
We first hiked along a lake, then through the woods, then through the sand dunes and finally along Lake Michigan.
We couldn't resist utilizing the sand dunes to do some jumping pictures. Tara used to be a cheerleader.
Allen has no cheerleading background but still pretty good middle splits.
Kellyn and I decided to jump together. It was tough climbing those sand dunes.
We didn't even attempt the middle splits.
Made it to the lighthouse. This is what we were ultimately hiking to see.
A little illusion.
This is Big Sable Point Lighthouse in Ludington State Park.
Sibling pic.
Finished. 7 miles in about 5 hours.
We stopped at Dairy Creme (not Queen) on the way back to the campground. We ran into some other family members. I felt bad for Alex...he is allergic to dairy, so he couldn't have ice cream. He was happy with his bag of chips though.
I couldn't have ice cream either...but I don't mind. It's the healthier choice :)

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