Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rust Reunion X - Friday

Friday was the final full day of the reunion. A few people had already left on Thursday, and a bulk of people departed on Friday morning. Most of us that were left ended up going to Sunrise Ski Park for a day of....

Alex had no fear.
Tommy was a bit more cautious than his brother.
Eva on the supported jump set.
Katie and I rode the lift up, and hiked down the ski run.
...enjoying the views...
...and mountain biking.
Marc, Kyle, Brian and Coby were the crazies who biked down the hill. Katie and I saw people pass as we were hiking down and it looked pretty dangerous at some points. Lots of loose rocks. Kyle took a pretty good spill.

Uriah on the way home. He wasn't sleeping here, just having fun playing with the hat on his head.
Friday night was a low key night with leftovers for dinner. Saturday morning we got up and packed up and headed back to Phoenix.

I would say it was a successful 2015 Rust Reunion X!!!

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