Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rust Reunion X - Wednesday

Wednesday is always the "Big Day" at the Rust reunions - this year was no different.

Marc, Brian and Katie 
Miley and Avery
Dad, Roger and Todd
The Austin family cooked breakfast on Wednesday morning - thanks guys!
Keeping Uriah entertained at the cabin while we were getting ready.
Wednesday is group picture day - there are 170 people in this photo - 9 people are missing from the photo so we had 179 total "Rust's" for this reunion.
After the group picture, we take generation pictures. This is the fifth generation (i.e. Uriah's generation).
This is the fourth generation (my generation).
Fourth with spouses/significant others.
This is the third generation (Dad's generation).
Third with spouses.
This is the (cardboard) first and second generations (Grandma Lois's generation). Someone had a cool idea to put out empty chairs for those who have passed away (first 4 chairs) and those who could not be there (sixth chair).
Grandma Rust with the original 6 of 11 - Uncle Bob, Aunt Shirley, Aunt Pat, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Karen and Uncle Chuck.
We then took family unit pictures - see separate blog post.

The next thing on the agenda for Wednesday was a rowing contest. Teams of three had to go to 2 designated points on the lake and retrieve a flag - first team back was the winner. We had 2 heats, and the top 2 from each heat advanced to the final round.

And they're off...
Isaac, Jayden and Jacob
Brandon, Caleb and Riley
Katie, Marc and Jim

The rule was your entire team had to be out of the boat to be finished. This was a close race - everyone is scrambling to get out of the boat.
Kyle, Shane and Coby
The final 4 rowing teams.
Sun and I
Kerri, Brett, Kristi and Kelli
Bart and I
Wednesday afternoon there was a huge rainstorm. Uriah had fun playing on the porch.
Standing...but not walking.
We did a little photo session - this is my favorite picture of him.
Shane, Bryan, Eric and Tyler - they were the dinner host crew on Wednesday. Hope everyone really enjoyed those baked potatoes :)
Sunset #1 on Wednesday.
Family picture.
Sunset #2. Every night there was a beautiful sunset.
And of course Rustbucks was open after dinner.
Wednesday night was the talent show. We probably had about 20 performers.
Bryson watching the talent show with icing on his nose. 
Fireworks act...the ending act of Rusts' Got Talent.

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